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Saturday June 1, 2019 | Doors Open: 7:00pm | Program Begins: 7:30pm | Sunset: 8:24pm

Black Iftar was created by Texas native Samira Abderahman in 2018 "with the intention of celebrating a daily Ramadan ritual, the sunset meal with Black Muslims & their friends." It is designed to be a warm and joyful space to gather with those who seek to enjoy the blessings of this holy month while appreciating the unique strengths, perspectives and experiences of Black Muslims. Muslim Wellness Foundation and Black Muslim Psychology Conference are committed to building spaces which are affirming, grounding and restorative. We are proud to sponsor this Black Iftar - Philly as our mission is to promote healing and well-being in the American Muslim community. We believe this gathering will nourish the souls of folks who live under the weight of oppression and marginalization. Joy and community are life affirming and we must create the spaces that allow us to thrive and be our whole selves!

"Breaking bread is a natural way for people to feel connected with each other and I think, especially when you do it during Ramadan, it's emphasised in its community-building...You can bring your people who aren't Muslim, you can bring the people who aren't black, and you can bring the people who love and support who you are."

-Samira Abderahman, Founder -

Black Iftar - Philly

Saturday June 1, 2019 | Doors Open: 7:00pm | Program Begins: 7:30pm | Sunset: 8:24pm

Join us in the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection, for the first Black Iftar! - Philly! This gathering will include time for fellowship, prayer and a full buffet style dinner. Our meal will be catered by Southside Zabihah Halal Eatery (Chef Husain Thompson) with desserts from Pure Love Pies & Siddiq's Water Ice (all Black Muslim owned businesses).

Purchase your ticket today (RSVP is REQUIRED, SPACE IS LIMITED!): $15 per person


Location: For the comfort and safety of our guests, the exact location of Black Iftar-Philly will not be publicly advertised. The address and directions for the venue will be provided via email 24-48 hours after the ticket has been purchased. It is located approximately 25min from Center City Philadelphia; free on-site parking available and the venue is also accessible via public transportation. 


All proceeds  (if any) from this event will go towards Muslim Wellness Foundation's Deeply Rooted Project - a Black Muslim Mental Health Initiative which includes the Black Muslim Psychology Conference and the Deeply Rooted Emerging Leaders (DREL) Fellowship for Black Muslim Young Adults

"Why a Black Iftar? "

and other Frequently Asked Questions

"Why is this called a 'Black Iftar'? Isn't that racist? But, I'm not a Black Muslim, can I attend?"

According to Black Iftar Founder Samira Abderahman, "this Iftar is created to hold space that nurture and heal those who strive to get closer to then deen, but find limitations and exclusions on the way there. Islam is perfect, its followers are not. InshaAllah these events serve as a way to connect and unify in order to serve Allah and Allah only; to build a welcoming community. This is also an opportunity to practice dawah to those who have felt excluded from Islamic spaces (ie, friends and family that may not be Muslim but are close to you). Keep in mind, that a “Black” Iftar has existed as long as Black Muslims have been breaking fast. The purpose of these are just to draw more attention to the way we practice and contribute and have always contributed to Islam. "

To learn more about the history, vision and purpose of Black Iftar, listen to Samira Abderahman on Episode 47 of Identity Politics: a podcast on race, religion and Muslim life in America.

Samira Abderahman has also been featured in BuzzFeed - read the article here: Meet the Black Muslim Woman Who Created Black Iftar

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The "OG" Black Iftar!

Black Iftar was founded in Chicago in 2018 and has only grown since then!

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