Black Muslims must contend with antiBlack racism, intraMuslim racism (from our nonBlack co-religionists) and antiMuslim bigotry in broader society. All of this compounded by systemic and global oppression. While the community has remained resilient, faithful and proud in the face of these assaults, it takes a considerable toll on our emotional, psychological and spiritual health. The #BlackMuslimFamily campaign was launched  on 12/26/16 to serve as a testimony of a community's commitment to healing, self-love and self-definition. In just 1 week, the hashtag reached over 10million people, trending on Twitter at #1 in US in only 8 hours. This hashtag is a celebration and affirmation of our community's beauty, dignity and deeply rooted truth. We shared our stories and we connected around our undeniable brilliance. 

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