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verb | to feel joyful; be delighted; express incredible happiness


The 2023 Black Muslim Psychology Conference (BMPC 2023) explores the art, science and practice of Black Muslim Joy as an essential ingredient in our healing and well-being. For Black Muslims, joy can be especially important because the experience of being Black and Muslim in America can be particularly challenging. Systemic racism, discrimination, and the intergenerational trauma of slavery and oppression can take a toll on our mental health and well-being. Engaging in rituals of joy can help us counterbalance these challenges by providing moments of respite and celebration. These rituals can take many forms, including prayer, meditation, music, dance, and communal gatherings. By coming together to celebrate and connect with one another, we can cultivate a sense of belonging and community that can help sustain us through difficult times.

In the Holy Quran [10:58], our Creator advises us "in the grace, mercy and bounty of Allah let them rejoice, that is far better than all [the wealth] that they have accumulated.” This is a reminder that joy not only contributes to our sense of belonging and community, but also allows us to cherish our connection to each other and the Almighty - and this connection is priceless!

At BMPC2023, we will acknowledge our collective desire to gather together, hold space for one another, and process all that we have experienced. We will honor the losses that we (collectively and individually) experienced since the onset of the pandemic, as well as celebrate the love, mercy creativity, and warmth which has sustained us through it all. We hope that you will all join us as we gather once more. Register for this much anticipated in-person gathering TODAY!


BMPC2023 | Chicago IL | July 22-23, 2023


Please note the following:

1. We will not be offering a virtual or live-streaming option.

2. As our first in-person gathering since the COVID-19 pandemic, we are capping attendance at 100 + staff/organizers. We encourage folks to register as soon as possible!

3. We are not currently offering financial aid, scholarships or discounts towards the cost of registration. Should this change, we will let you know!

4. Registration for BMPC2023 is non-refundable.

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